Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well it's Saturday night

It has been a busy couple of days since I got home from the lake on Thursday..  I got things unpacked and put away and have been busy drawing patterns, paying bills, washing wool, etc.

It was finally a little cooler this morning so I was able to get my run in---not very fast but I managed an hour.  We are supposed to be getting some 63-68 degree mornings with highs in the 80's so I do hope to get in some longer runs---plan to get out early!

Last night I was doing some packaging of lavender dryer bags while watching TV---we rented "The Greatest".  It was good for a cry...Pierce Brosnan  and Susan Sarandon were in it.

Kathy send me a picture of one of my Cupboard Series rugs hooked by Jennie.  I thought she did a great job.

We had the landscape guy come by tonite as several of our new plants are "toast".  He is going to replace them in September when the weather gets cooler.

This is a sketch I have made of a geometric rug that I want to hook---I think it could be a great rug.  So many possibilities os what your eye sees.

Okay that's it for tonite...time for a glass of wine and a steak!

This is a picture that I took at Green Lake two years ago---is there any reason I wouldn't want to go back???  I can't wait to go back!  I'm counting the days.


  1. I love the sheep and flower rug. So cute. Green Lake looks very peaceful. No wonder you are anxious to return.

  2. We used to vacation in a camp by a lake in Vermont... I cried so much the day we had to leave and could not WAIT to return again the next year! So peaceful and cool... and the air always smelled of moist evergreens! LOVE IT!!!!! I bet that steak and glass of wine tasted heavenly!