Saturday, August 7, 2010

wrapping up a wonderful workshop

I am back in my hotel room after a wonderful 3 day workshop in Eureka Springs AR.  Tomorrow morning I am leaving for the last night in Eureka Springs.  Vicki runs a nice workshop and is an incredible cook.  Check out this dessert.

the workshop presented some interesting pattern---one pattern was designed by Vicki and took on several  are the three versions.

Vicki hooked this pattern as a aqua fruit jar

Jody went for a brown crock.

Mindy opted for a blue-green crock---I love the variety and individualism they showed.

Okay that's  it for tonite----brain dead---going to bed.


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  2. Anita,
    That is still my favorite thing with pattern, so many possibilities!

  3. All three are some beautiful starts! Hopefully they will share their finishes with you so we can see too? :-)

  4. We did have a great time...somehow, one just can not forget a teacher that jumps into a red shopping basket 1/2 full of beautiful wool....I blame the chocolate cheese cake....

    Love and light,