Monday, August 9, 2010

Good time at the lake

I just came in from a ride on the jet ski and a swim in the lake.  It is really hot here---even the lake water feels like bath water.  We took a trip into the flea market and bought a couple of DVD's=---$3.00 for two.  Tonight I plan to watch movies and hook on my Cape Ann is progressing---about half done now.

Here are some more pictures of rugs from the Eureka Springs workshop.

This piece was done by Aileen Anderson---it is a pattern designed by Janice---Wooly Woolens.  Aileen sent me paint samples to help get the colors that she was wanting to use---a helpful tool for a teacher.

Diane was hooking this lighthouse pictorial for her son.  She made a lot of progress in three days.

Lise was hooking Sally Kallin's leaf runner.  I also introduced Lise to my dreaded foam roller as she is a runner also.  We decided we should plan a run together sometime...she is running a half marathon in St. Louis a week before I run mine in Kansas City.  Way to go Lise!!!

This was inspiration for Vicki's fruit jar---and here is the work in progress.

That's it for now---I am sitting outside burning up----going in to cool off.

I'll post more tomorrow.

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  1. Ahhhhh... I'd love it if someone would tell me to "go jump in a lake" right about now! LOL! I just came from HogscaldHoller's blogspot... absolutely LOVE the pic of you in the red shopping cart!!! :-) The rugs are all looking good too! Have a wonderful evening!