Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday morning---the start of a new week

Well here it is early Monday morning and I'm having my first cup of coffee.  I had a delayed onset of sore legs after my long run on Friday---I ran for just short of two hours an turned my ankle slightly in the parking lot so I quit five minutes before I planned to.  It is tender but not bad but my quads are sore---I did run yesterday for about 40 minutes at a fairly good pace hoping to make it go away  and used my dreaded foam roller a lot trying to break it up so I'm hopeful that it will be over today...I plan to drink more water.

This coming weekend will be my last long run until the race, but I have a trip to Phoenix coming up from Oct. 5th to 10th which I am really looking forward to.  In addition to teaching at the Quilted Apple and seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new new I am reconnecting with a friend from Alaska who now live in AZ and is also a rug hooker.  She didn't hook when I knew her and I had just barely started---doing a few kits that I had purchased at the Valley Forge gift show---she and I were in an Antique and Craft co-op together.  She made wonderful pottery.

When I get home from Phoenix my sister Barbara will be here for a long visit---while I run my half marathon she will do the 5k---poor Barbara has bad knees so she can't run but she can walk pretty fast.  I hope I do not have bad knees in my future.  She is driving cross country with her dog Suzy---we are hoping Suzy and my dog Fred like each other.  Her high school reunion is at the end of October in Lawrence KS.  We also are planning a lake trip for recovery from my run---did that last year when my legs were killing me and I sat in a recliner with ice packs on my quads and hooked for hours.  I don't think it will be that bad this year as I have been preparing better than I did for my first one.  I understand that they have taken out two of the hills so that should help.

I know I've been rambling so it is time to post more pictures.

This was hooked by Diane and is Edyth O'Neill's Partridge pattern.  Diane likes soft muted colors---very pretty.

Judy hooked my Sunflower pattern with the prodded petals. We also pulled some wools for a ship pattern that she was going to bring but it got left at home---she had a picture of it though so we were able to at least get it color planned.  Since she was a new hooker we also got to work on technique so it was a good week.  Great job Judy!

Susan was hooking a rug from Cactus Needle---this is going to be one fun rug!  Fortunately Susan lives here in KC so if she has questions I'm not far away...lots of elements in this one.  Susan was using lots of different cuts in this ones---playful and fun!

Okay gotta get ready for today's home classes and have another cup of coffee.

Doug (hubby) is still working on the deck.  Yesterday when I had gone to Greenwood he fell off the deck---glad I didn't see that one.  He is a bit sore but not broken.  I'll post a picture of his work tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck with your race. I'm not a runner but appreciate the committment of those of you how marathon.
    I hope you will post more progress pics of Susan's large rug. It looks like it will be gorgeous.