Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday---I am feeling the urge to get creative!

I think today is going to be a day in the dye pots---no dealing with cars, or paperwork, or cleaning.

Doug is going to start on the deck project today---actually it had already been taken down---posted free wood decking on craigslist if the person would remove it and haul it away...he received a call within a minute of posting and had another call 30 seconds later.  He also posted to have someone help him to install the deck and had about 15 calls the first day.  This will keep him busy for at least the next week or so as he is extending the deck and putting down the manufactured decking---yeah---low maintenance!

Here is a picture of it stripped down to the joists.  Pretty ugly!  I can't wait till it is finished---Party time!

Oaky here goes a few more pictures from the recent camps.

Audrey was hooking this field of poppies---hooked in a painterly fashion we decided to call it a "Martini" instead of a Monet since her last name was Martini---what a great name!

This is  Kate's Santa that she hooked in Tish Murphy's class.  She did a great job!  

This is Rosann's runner called Gabby's Garden from Searsport---they made it longer for her---it is 110 inches long.  Can't wait to see this one finished---get busy hooking Rosann!

Okay., one more picture.

This is Cheryl's "Rebecca" a Bea Brock pattern hooked in her daughter's colors---I think she'll have a hard time giving this one up!

Tomorrow is my day for my long run---I hope to do my 10 mile training run.  It is supposed to be in the upper 50's in the morning as opposed to the 71 degrees that it is this morning, so hopefully that will make it easier---if running for two hours can ever be easy.

Happy hooking!

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