Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday---almost the end of the week

Progress has been made on the deck---I wish I could say it was finished, but here is what it is looking like so far.  Fred likes it---he'll like it better when he can go down stairs---no stairs yet.

I went to a few garage sales this morning---here are a few of my finds.
The quilt is a crib size quilt.

Tomorrow morning is my last long training run---I plan to do another 2 hour run.  It is going to be perfect weather!  We are planning a quick trip to the lake---it should be beautiful there.  I am looking forward to the trees turning color---I love fall.

Tuesday morning I leave for Phoenix...have already shipped two big boxes and sent two suitcases back with Diane and will bring two more with me---her empties which she brought for me to take back.  Thanks Diane---you are great!

I am thinking good thoughts for my daughter and her husband in California---he has a second interview tomorrow for a job in San Francisco---good luck !  I have fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed!!!

I am looking forward to seeing Project runway tonite!  I think I'll go get some hooking to do while I watch it.

Good nite!

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