Friday, October 15, 2010

The day before Race Day

Well here it is---the day before the big race day.  This time tomorrow I will be down at Crown Center getting ready to run 13.1 miles.   The race starts at 7:30 but I like to get there early to be sure I am there and ready to go.  It is supposed to be 48 degrees in the morning early but warm up fast and since I don't like the heat I plan to try to keep up a good pace while it is cooler without going out too  fast---I'm not ever really fast but I am hoping to finish in 2 1/2 hours.

The week has gone by quickly.  I'm hoping that the deck will be finished today.  If so I'll post a picture tomorrow along with a race day photo.

Here are some pictures from Phoenix.

Here is Deb with Blooming Jacks---she is almost done!

Sandy was doing one of my Cupboard Patterns called Paisley and she was adding a row of hooked braiding around the edge.  As you can see she is almost there---she was happy she made it around all the corners.

Peggy was also doing a Cupboard piece called Pumpkin vine-  She prodded the bittersweet caps and chained the vine---not showing up well in my picture but it looked great.

I mailed the orders yesterday so Deb, Joelee and Tonee---be expecting a package in the mail.


  1. Good luck with the marathon! I'll have to ask Deb to see her rug.

  2. Hoping you have a great race! The weather sounds like it will be perfect!
    Cathy g