Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh where oh where has all the time gone

Well, my sister has been here since October 8th and today is the 28th---I can't believe three weeks have gone by.  She brought a rug with her that she had started about 4 years ago in hopes that she would get inspired again and finish this rug.  She was about as far on the now finished side as she is now on the unfinished side---so I think she had met her goal.  Hopefully now she will go back to California and finish it by Christmas---I will have her send me a finished picture to post.

So here it is.  It is Sailcloth Primitive hooked in a #9 cut---check out all the great paisley hooked into the rug.

Yesterday at my home classes Jane brought a rug that she has been working on.  She started it in a workshop with Sharon Townsend.  Two weeks ago I suggested she use on of my long spot dyed pieces and hook the strips in order like stained glass to put inside the windows so that the ladies were looking out at the great outdoors and wow---look how it turned out!  Great job, Jane!

Here is a close up of the window on the left.

Okay that's it for tonite---time to cook and have a  glass of wine.  Cheers!


  1. Your sister's rug is super gorgeous!!! Would love to be able to hook one up like that! And, thanks for the tips on windows! It looks perfect! Hope you enjoyed your wine! :-)

  2. It has been fun having Barbara in class and her rug is just great! And now I want to make something with windows!

  3. Anita, Your sister's rug is beautiful! Also, LOVE the idea of what you did with the windows on the other rug....crazy beautiful!

  4. Hi Anita, This is my first "little look" at your blog. Love the pics. of those rugs. I hook mostly in the style of the ladies at the table and have to say, I love the idea for the windows...

  5. Anita -
    I love the pattern of your sister's rug and the colors that she chose - very beautiful! Could you send me the pattern name of that rug?