Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday---preparing to leave for Phoenix

Good morning!

I thought I would post a link to my daughter Chelsea and her husband Noah's ETSY store---visit it if you like some cool vintage finds.

I have to get downstairs and finish packing for the Quilted Apple workshop in Phoenix but thought I would get out one more post.

When we got home from the lake I went and picked up this patio set that I found on Craigslist---here is my husband trying it out.  The deck is still not finished but I am hopeful it will be when I get home from Phoenix.

Here is a view of the unfinished end of the deck---no stairs yet.

Here are a few more pictures from recent workshops.


Here are Miriam's Pigs in Clover, a Moshimer pattern that she was hooking for her daughter.

This is Leslie's Gumball Tree---she sculpted the centers of each one.  Fun!

And one more final one.

No this is not a rug but it is a pretty picture taken towards the lake in front of our trailer.  They have been lowering the lake level to do some work on the dam.  Our cove has almost no water in it right now---earlier in the summer all the ground you see was under water.

Have a great week!

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