Friday, October 12, 2012

Great workshop in Buckeystown

I got home yesterday afternoon from my workshop in Buckeystown Maryland.  A good time was had by all.  The workshop is held in a great location at The Bishop Claggett Center---nice classrooms, good food and a beautiful setting with a mountain view.

Here we are on the last day at the "Throw Down"---it was a beautiful day and a beautiful show of the student's work.

This is an old red barn on the property where the rug show was held---many beautiful rugs!
Mary Shepherd Burton's granddaughter was at the workshop and brought a couple of her rugs which were great to see.

Here are some pictures of my class---missing one person---sorry Diana!

                                           A great time had by all!  Happy Hookers!

This sculpture was in the front of the conference center---love it---does the pose look familiar?

Suzie was working on this Sunflower Witch pattern from Spruce Ridge.  The hair looked like chenille. Great job Suzie!

Billie was working on  "Comstock" a Lib Callaway pattern.  She is off to a good start---love this pattern---always fun to color plan---hope you are feeling better Billie.

Nancy started this pattern with Pris Butler---a family farm---Laurel Hill.  It was fun to help her put the finishing touches on the great memory piece.

Phyllis chose this Heaven's to Betsy floral to work on----soft primitive flowers and I love the basket.  It will have a dark blue basket---Phyllis gained a lot of confidence during the week and this is going to be a great rug!

Joanne chose this Barbara Carroll pattern called Rags---a great primitive rug!  the dog definitely has an attitude---it will have a dirty light background---great crow as well.

Nada was working on "Ipswich" and Edyth O'Neill design---a great floral.  check this one out up close to see the paisley in the rug.  The background is Nada's stripe---cut the direction the stripes run.

Phyllis chose one on my favorite patterns---Lib Callaway's Jumbo Star.  I have worked with this pattern many times and I always enjoy it.  This version will have a light inner background and dark outer background.  Great start!

Cheri chose "Gabby's Garden" a Searsport Rug pattern.  This is one BIG rug!

As you can see Cheri is not afraid of color and it was fun to work with her on this rug---below is a close-up of a couple of the flowers.

Barbara designed this pattern with Bees and Flowers---it was fun to work on---the bees wings are yet to be determined---most likely will be a fun yarn---can't wait to see what she comes up with---look closely at the black textures in the bees!

This one of Joanne's new designs---Woodcrest Designs---Poppies, Morning Glories and Buttercups.  this is a close-up showing what we came up with for the border---I really like it;  Below you can see the whole pattern and Joanne!

Joanne created another version of this pattern for Pat to hook for her granddaughter Darby---who asked for pinks and purples and a special border.  

It was fun to have this pattern being hooked in two totally different color plans.

Another big rug---Susi was working on Emma Lou's Tulip Cross with the border.  This rug was being hooked in a #6 cut  She is off to a great start.  Fun to have Susi in class---we go back to the early days on Padula.

Unfortunately I did not get pictures of Diana's Cape Ann---another Edyth O'Neill design.  I also got to help her with Naomi Hudson's star----another favorite of mine.  Both of these were rugs that I had hooked and were pictured in Early American Life magazine.

It is good to be home and I will be busy getting ready for two workshops in Nebraska---leaving a week from Monday!

                   Yesterday was my daughter's 4th wedding anniversary...Love you Chelsea and Noah.



  1. Looks like you had a great workshop!!! Have fun in Nebraska!! ~Cammie~

  2. looks like fun by all! enjoyed seeing pictures of the rugs in progress! beautiful wedding pictures! enjoy your weekend!

  3. Anita,
    Wow! Looks like it was a great workshop! I'm jealous of you getting to see some of Mary Shephard Burton's rugs and also LOVING your boots!