Monday, October 1, 2012

Home from Green lake

Well I got home from Green Lake on Friday a 6:15 PM after a long days drive.  I woke up at 5 AM and decided to hit the road so that I could make it all the way home.  I had to make several stops to keep me from nodding off---one antique shop yielded a tea leaf dish and 3 celluloid hairbrushes that I thought would make good brushes for brushing off the snips off a rug on a hooking frame.  At another one I got two nice country baskets.  I picked up another book on tape in Madison and since I didn't get it finished I got to listen to more of it today on the way to the trailer at the lake---I know---CRAZY!  But we decided we wouldn't be able to get back down to winterize it since I am leaving Sunday for Maryland and then when I get home I will be getting ready for two workshops in Nebraska and then I will be going to South Central Teacher's workshop in Texas.

I spent Saturday and Sunday unpacking and repacking for Buckeystown Workshop---4 big boxed on their way via UPS this morning at 8 AM on our way to the lake.  It turned out to be a good day to leave because our street is being resurfaced and we had to be off the street from 7AM this morning until 6 PM tonight.

I actually got to spend some time hooking today on the way to the lake---I am doing another variation on a Grenfell mat for a class that I am teaching at Teacher's workshop---I wanted to do one with some yarn and with a small border so it will be easier to make it round---here is the start of it.  Did you know that some of the best Grenfell mats had 200 loops per square inch---now that is fine work!!!

Here are some picture from my class at Green Lake.

Halloween Hooligans  hooked by Joanne---design by Maria Barton

Barnyard ???  by Judy
sorry-drawing a blank on the pattern name 
Barb's dad as a boy hooked by Barb from a picture

Cornell Garden Quail Hill hooked by Linda

Cape Ann Edyth O'Neill  design by Gayle

Paisley on Paisley design by Anita White hooked by Marne

Field of Flowers designed by Joanne Gerwig hooked by Ruth

Pineapple Grove design by Ewe and Eye hooked by Ginny

Emma's Owl hooked by Jane---her own design

Santa's Helpers designs by The lady
hooked by Maxine

Westport flowers, a Lib Callaway design hooked by Betty

Essex design by Jane Olsen, hooked by Ginny

Crazy Quilt Story rug designed and hooked by Denise

We had a wonderful week at camp---the weather couldn't have been more perfect!  Green Lake is a great camp in a beautiful lake setting.

This was taken early one morning when I went on a bike ride.

these were my lamb lollipops on Hooker's night out at the Treasury restaurant ion ripon---so yummy!!!

this is a pattern called Sharon's Halloween Yard , a Primco design---I hooked this about 12 years ago but it seemed like a good idea to pull it out for the rug show

These are pictures from my mini class---a hooked journal cover with a pumpkin on the cover

I was very excited to see this rug hooked by Karen---she started it at a workshop that I taught several years ago with The Loopy ladies in Libertyville IL---what a great job she did!  It is an inch mat---I wonder how many inches there really are.

My poor husband went to pick up the jet skis that were bing fixed 1 1/2 hours away---he got back and the small jet ski wouldn't work---he was not happy to say the least and had to turn around and drive back---I guess he will need some pampering tonight---and a beer!

Okay that is it for today!

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  1. Hi Anita,
    I always love your blog and especially when you post such wonderful pictures of rugs your students are hooking. I had to smile when I saw the 'barnyard' rug - I did that pattern as a punchneedle several years ago for friends of mine that own a farm. I never thought of adapting the pattern for hooking. What a great idea!
    Thanks for all of the inspiration,