Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun in Nebraska

I returned home last night after wrapping up two 3 day workshops with Judy and Jan in Milford Nebraska---Judy has a great Farmhouse where she hosts rug hooking workshops several times a year---this was my second time to be there and it just gets better!  Amazing food---like a big slumber party!
some slumbered more than others---many hooked late into the evening---or morning in some cases.

Here are some of the projects that were hooked at the workshop last year that came back for me to see.  The first one was hooked by Jan--the original pattern had birds in the corners and we changed them to flowers.  A great rug---way to go Jan!!!

This pattern was a Blacksheep wool design by Rhonda Manley based on an antique rug that was pictured in the Maine Antique Digest---it said Turkey Hill but we changed it to Turkey Creek for her area in Nebraska.  I LOVE this rug!!!  I want it.

The third pattern was hooked by Annette and was adapted from the artwork of Allison Friend in the UK with permission---I helped her design the border for the rug---what a great rug---that bunny is very proud of his  4 carrot necklace!!!

These are some of the turnips and radishes that I picked from her fields---they certainly do grow them big in Nebraska!


The largest turnip in about 8 inches and that radish is  about 16 inches---Wow!
the smaller turnip is average size...yikes!!!!

I have so many more pictures to post---but no more time today---but will try to post many more over the next few days so stay tuned!


  1. Anita,
    Those are some tremendous rugs! The background on the turkey rug is FABU!!! I know I like bright, but I certainly can appreciate an "old" looking rug and that one has "the look"!

  2. wonderful rugs!
    love the veggies, must be the soil, and feed!