Saturday, October 6, 2012

Almost ready for Buckeystown

I am down to the wire---my final day before I fly to Baltimore.

 Chilly here this morning---went for my 3.1 mile run---two weeks until my next race---the KC Marathon---no long run for me this year---do plan to do the 5K and am hoping for my best time ever.  This was my very first race 5 years ago---my time was somewhere between 35 and 36 minutes...last year my time was 30:07---my goal this year is around 28 minutes because my neighbor Kelly is running with me again---she makes me a faster runner---she is 29 years old.

I broke down and turned the heat on---just enough to get rid of the chill.  Tomorrow morning it is supposed to be 29 degrees in the morning.  Brrrr!

Yesterday I went through my house and took pictures of most of my hooked pieces---or at least the ones I could round up---I thought it might be nice to have them in one spot on my computer so I can set up a slide show---I know that I didn't get them all---whole writing this I am thinking what happened to the framed Santa and where is the chicken rug,  hmmm!  I guess I'll have to go on a hunt!

Here are a few that I might not have ever posted.

This was my very first piece that I ever hooked---it was a kit from Hooked on Rugs that I purchased and hooked all on my own in 1994---it was truly the beginning of my hooking adventure.
This is a close up detail of "Oak Scrollings" a Jane Flynn design.  I hooked it in 2001.

This is an antique adaptation rug that I hooked in 1999---I think it was the first rug that I used antique paisley in---it resides in my bedroom in our trailer at the lake.

Well it is time to get some packing done.


  1. Hi Anita! Have a great time at camp. We turned on the heat this morning too. I can't believe it! Looking forward to class soon. A.

  2. Anita ~
    I am sitting next to my electric heater, but still don't want to turn the furnace on. I am so not ready!
    Thanks for the mini rug show.
    Have a safe, fun camp.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love them. It looks as if at least one of them is hanging above/next to a staircase. Could you possibly post a shot of the grouping? I was thinking of doing that, but not sure how it would look. (Almost finished with the Paisley on Paisley.)