Monday, November 26, 2012

Grizzly Bear

Well here is my progress on the bear---still tweaking things as I go---every time I take a picture I see things that I want to change---that is a good way to look at your work---too often we are looking at our work close up and a camera is a good tool.  In this photo I see a dark brown kine to the right of the right eye that seems too long and I think I want to add more brown to the water area at the bottom

I found a frame on Ebay that I am planning to order to frame this---it is a rustic wood that  I think will add.

I have not been feeling well since Wednesday so have been staying home---hence a lot of hooking time.  I think I am improving but still have problems---upper respiratory issues---no fun!!!

Have much to do  and don't feel up to doing it---so I guess I'll just finish the bear today---it will; make a great Christmas present for my hubby.  We used to live in Alaska from 1991 to 1994 so he will love it---he knows that I am hooking this so it is no surprise.

Here is the frame that I am thinking about:

I added these rug hooks to my collection recently---check out the one in the middle with the letter "A" on it!!!

Well that is it for now---Anita


  1. Grizzly Love!!! I looked at the link for the frame - that will be perfect. I want to check out more frames on that site.

  2. Hi Anita, love the bear! Is it by any chance the "Spirit Bear" that is only found in Alaska, but, I think that the Spirit bear is white, so, maybe not. Anyway it is, as usual, wonderful work! Good news, I am finished with the Star Rug!! Yeah, love it and will be doing the finish work sometime in Jan. or Feb. whenever you can fit me into a class in Leawood. Thanks for all your encouragement and beautiful wool/paisley just make it so striking.

    I have bought several frames from that site, for my oil paintings. I have never been disappointed. Thanks for passing it along!
    Get Well,
    Judy Allen