Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grizzly and other stuff

Well I think I am going to call it quits on the hooking of the Grizzly Bear---ordered the frame and if I feel better tomorrow I am going to get the acid free foam board and start the framing process.  I will cut the  acid free foam board just short of the inside measurement of the frame to allow for the thickness of the rug warp which will wrap the foam board---I will stretch the piece over the board and pin down into the foam about every 1/4 inch----then I will lace top to bottom and side to side  to secure the excess backing and keep the piece tight.  Next I will place it in the frame---I plan to leave a little of the warp showing on the front of the piece (the part that will go under the frame so that the hooked part will extend into the opening---does that make sense---I hope so---I am such a visual learner that writing directions is not my forte---I will try to take some pictures of the process to show you what I do.

I probably should wait for the frame to arrive to double check my measurements---good idea, Anita!!!

Here is the panda turned grizzly!

Our State Line rug hookers guild has finished the rug for which we are selling raffle tickets---donation to benefit Cancer Action.  Contact me if you would like to purchase tickets.

I am going to start a Karla Gerard pattern that I purchased on Ebay---designs are available as a paper pattern that can be enlarged to whatever size you want---I made mine 32 by 40---here it is, a fun whimsical pattern---perfect for hooking while watching TV and killing some time before I start the portrait of my mom.

time to go have dinner---plan to watch the Voice and Dancing with the stars finale---and do a little hooking---still sick---but think I am on the road to recovery---maybe only a couple more days of feeling yucky!


  1. Hi Anita. I hope you get well soon! When I framed my Bunnies in the Barn I used a special kind of pin that I really liked. Look at my blog post on Feb 12. I think I got those pins at Hancock Fabrics.

  2. Thanks Amy! It is in the Feb 23rd post---great! And even pictures too---everyone should check this out.

    Her blog is amysdustytrail@blogspot.com

  3. The bear is so cute! Also really looking forward to see you work on Karla's pattern. It looks like it would be a lot of fun picking colors and see it all come together. Have fuN!

  4. Oops - sorry - you're right - that post with the pins is Feb 23rd! Glad you kept looking. Sorry I could not find them at Hancocks this time. I googled u-shaped pins and several sources popped up - although some are great big ones for garden uses! They are perfect for rug edge because the linen can't pop through like with a regular straight pin.