Friday, November 23, 2012

Pattern of my Mother

I received this pattern in the mail today---I ordered it from Leonard Feenan,  He adapted the pattern from a photograph of my mother when she was about 17 years old.  I think he did a great job and I am looking forward to trying to do her justice.   Right now it seems scary but am looking forward to working on it.  Her name was Pauline and she died when I was only nine years old.  When I found the photograph just recently and saw the paisley background I was blown away and knew I wanted to hook it.  Wish me luck!

I have come down with some kind of upper respiratory crud---not feeling well...didn't make for the best 
Thanksgiving day.

I am still working on the Grizzly Bear---making progress and will post a new picture in a few days.


  1. that is fabulous! great details!

    sorry to hear you are unwell, hope you gewt better quickly! blessings!

  2. Wow Anita, he did a great job! I can see why you think it is scary, but you will do an awesome job with it!! I hope you get to feeling better, it is not fun being sick over the holidays!!!

  3. i hope you have a nice quiet weekend and feel better. tea and hooking sounds like it will help!! love the picture of your mom and love the pattern! it will be beautiful! enjoy your weekend!

  4. This gave me goosebumps! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I wonder if you will use any paisley (ha ha). The composition of the photo is amazing. I think it will translate beautifully into wool. I'm so happy I'll get to see it in progress from time to time.

  5. Anita,

    I remember the photograph of your Mother that you had on your blog. I love the rug Lenny drew and you will make it sing. Here in Houston there is an upper respiratory infection going around. Today there were at least 8 people out in choir. Take care of yourself.