Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home from Teacher's workshop

Got home last night from South Central Teacher's Workshop---I began going to workshop in 2000 and have never missed a year---I look forward to this week of being around other teachers---sharing my knowledge, learning from others and being inspired to come back home and be more creative.  This is the time of year when I am not travelling for several months and hope to use my time to actually do some hooking.  I have several projects in my mind that I hope to work on.  I came home with two projects that I started at workshop.  One was a Panda Bear pattern that became a grizzly bear with a fish in his mouth---reminding me of my time spent in Alaska.

This is Cheryl's teaching piece...and here is the beginning of my grizzly bear

a long way to go...but like how it is starting out...

I also got a start on an artichoke---not sure about this one---may need to do some re-hooking

I was working with a swatch but was adding miscellaneous wools for a more painterly approach.

I taught two of the days---one class was filling in for Kate who couldn't be there---here are some mandalas from the class.

Kate's piece...

and the second class was Grenfell style polar bears...

The center mat is an original and the one on the right is my first one hooked all in wool fabric and the one on the left my second one hooked in yarn and wool combination.

Well it is time to get ready to go to guild this morning---Anne Hoffman is doing the program---I sponsored Anne for Teacher's workshop and am happy to report that she got her Teacher's certification this week.  Way to go Anne!

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  1. Anita,
    Your grizzly bear is off to a fantastic start! Can't wait to see your progress.