Saturday, November 3, 2012

It has been a crazy week

Between The Christmas Open House in Greenwood and my working at the shop for a few hours on Friday and again today and going to the Vintage market on Friday on the Bottoms---What fun that was---I am running behind in my getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning for Teacher's workshop.

I didn't get to post all the pictures yet from the Nebraska workshop but still plan to get the rest of the posted.

I forgot to take my camera to the shop so had to take this picture with my cell phone---best I could  do.

Sold the snowshoes today---they were from my private collection.  Kinda sad!

Here are a couple of my treasures from The Vintage market.

This wonderful little cupboard had ugly patterned glass in it with an ugly ornate knob---couldn't get them off fast enough.  Going to try to replace it with old wavy glass.

And this old wire store basket had my name written all over it---wish I had a dollar for all the people who commented on it while I was standing in line to pay!

These are staying home with me bus some other small treasures made their way to the shop.

The Christmas house is on still tomorrow and also next weekend---check it out if you are in the area.

Okay I should be downstairs packing but here are a couple of Nebraska pictures---some florals!

These two sunflower patterns were designed by Carrie Martin and are called "Nebraska"---the one on the left was hooked byTerri and the one on the right by Mary Jo--They both did a great job with his pattern---I think it should be called "Kansas"

Jodi almost finished the Red Rocket design pattern---a wonderful soft primitive pallette.

 "Poppies" a Sharon Smith design was hooked by Jane---this is always a fun pattern to work on because the flowers can be so creative.
 Karen was in both classes---after doing the eagle in the first session she switched to a primitive floral which was kind of out of her box and she did a great job!

Another fun floral basket by another Karen---Potted Coxcomb by Kathy Stephans---love the ruffled look of the cosxcomb

Vicki was also in both  classes and hooked this Poinsettia a Maggie Bonanomi pattern from Holly Threads Need'l Love book---a great rug and fun pattern to hook!

Theresa is not afraid of big rugs and big cuts---this was a floral pattern designed by Rhonda Manley---wonderful soft primitive flowers.

These last two rugs are the Shippee Floral---the first one hooked by Diane and the second by Patty---they were both using a soft floral pallette with a dark inside background and a light border---they were in the same class and sat together and shared many of the same wools---great job gals!!!

I really have to quit now---should have quit long ago.

Hitting the road at 6:30 AM---good thing we get an extra hour in the morning.

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