Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another snowy day in Kansas

It's another cold snowy day in Kansas---so I thought I would post a few more pictures---so here goes.

This is a pattern by Primitive Grace called "Support".  I started this pattern at a yearly retreat that I organize at a Bed and Breakfast in Valley Falls, Ks in mid January every year.  Unfortunately this year I got very sick the second day and didn't get much hooking done at the retreat---I retreated upstairs to my bed and had to have my friend Jody drive me home the next day.  It is good to have friends for SUPPORT!   The pattern is aptly named.

This is an Edyth O'Neill pattern that I started at a camp many years ago in 'texas with Sharon Townsend.  The leaves are blanket stitched and attached around them---they are hiding something underneath.

This is a sign that one of my students, Mimi Hanna, painted for me.  I hangs outside on my door on the days I have classes---so everyone knows to "come on in".  I used to write it on the back of a paper plate---this is so much classier---thanks Mimi!

This is a close-up of a leaf hooked with pantyhose.


This is a close-up of a leaf hooked with a man's silk tie.

This is a close-up of  a section of Naomi Hudson's Star---my first post shows the whole rug.  I used paisley in the rose and veins in leaves.


  1. Hi Anita. I love how the bird wings turned out on "Support". Wait... I love the whole rug!!! Thanks for posting my Hit or Miss rug - what a surprise to open your blog and see my rug!! I do love it and walk over it everyday. Stay warm... Amy

  2. Oh Anita:
    This is like having a little "show and tell" or "mini-class" everyday. So wonderful to see and hear you.
    Hugs from Florida.