Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupboard Series

 This is a group of pictures of patterns I have designed and refer to as my cupboard Series.  The first designs were reminiscent of designs in old painted cupboards in the 1800's.  I also started doing seasonal mats which could be switched out in the frames.  These mats are 6" by 18" and are drawn on linen---available for $20 each.  A frame and pattern are $45.  To inquire or purchase e-mail me at


                            Willow                Poppy                Paisley

            Melon Vine    Blooming Flag   Pumpkin Vine   Holly Jolly Snowman

                            Blooming Bunny              Bzzzzzzz
These are both pictured in the frames---I use velcro to put them in so that the mats can be changed out. 

                           Old Crow                   Flock and Flowers

                   These are a couple of new ones that I haven't hooked yet.

                              St. Nicholas                Christmas Greens

These two were hooked by one of my students Doodles Young.


  1. Wow you are up early this morning! I love the Old Crow - just might have to have that one... A.

  2. I love your mats. So cute, its hard to pick my favorite. i just stumbed upon your blog and am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. These floral designs would make GREAT rugs for stair risers! Wish I'd seen them before I designed and hooked my own, cuz I like them better than what I did! LOL Glad I found your blog!

  4. Anita;

    How can I get a catalog of your patterns?