Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preparation for Ohio Rug Camp

In my Welcome letter to my students for the Ohio Rug Camp I indicated that I would make an attempt at starting a blog so that they would have a place to go on the web to find some of my rugs as well as some of my designs.  This is my first attempt and I hope to get better at it.

Paisley design rug by Anita White measures 20 by 30.  The paisley motif can be personalized during the class with templates and images that I will bring with me.

"Jumbo Star" an Lib Callaway pattern that is 35 by 35.  This is a good example of a Floral Geometric and is one of my favorite rugs.

"Naomi Hudson's Star" by Patsy Becker is 40 by 51 and was another Floral/Geometric rug that I hooked using lots of Textures wools and antique paisley---another of my favorites.

"Paisley on Paisley"  was my first paisley design rug that I did in 2002.  It is 30 by 60 and incorporates antique paisley and lots of textures wools.

This is another of my paisley designs that is 16 by 34 and again it can be personalized in the class.   This was done by a student in Minnesota workshop.

"Caswell Fruit and Flowers"  a Lib Callaway Pattern that is 27 by 67---is a rug I hooked in wide cut using lots of textures, paisley---good example of a fruit/floral/geometric.


  1. WOW Anita - the "Paisley on Paisley" is simply stunning.............

    Good to see you with a blog!!!

  2. You really have a lot of rugs and it's nice to know that you really have the passion in rug hooking. I wonder how you maintain those rugs. And I also wonder if you have a bigger rug or a carpet. Grand Rapids have shops especially for cleaning rugs and carpets.