Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice and Sleet in Kansas

Another icy cold day in Kansas---this will be a good day to stay inside.  The sidewalk and driveway are coated with ice.  I almost fell going out to get the paper.  I am not going anywhere unless things improve.

Brrrr!  It is really cold out there---ooops, you can see that I didn't remove my Christmas lights yet.  Where is spring?


  1. Wow! We're really close, but here in Springfield we had a balmy Saturday....even ate lunch outside. Today....rain!

  2. Hi Anita,

    Just found your blog today.
    I have always admired your work.
    Ever since we met at Northern many years ago, you were visiting from another Teacher's Workshop I think. It was the same year that I first saw your completed Paisley rug - which is still one of my all time favorites.Really happy that I found your blog.
    Come by for a visit.