Saturday, April 16, 2011

Newton Iowa workshop photos

It has been a busy day---wool got put away,  and paperwork got done,  twigs from the willow tree got raked---just to name a few.

We were just about ready to put a steak on the grill and no gas in the tank---so dinner is being delayed so have time to post a few pictures.

Here is the class photo---what a great group.  Now for some of their accomplishments.

Tania was hooking a large poppy pillow---here is the photo she was working from.

Beth's nephew Ben drew this lion when he was 4---a fun rug.  She is going to add a proddy border to repeat the prodded look of the lion's mane.

Marge, Beth's mom was working on a rug that was a collaboration between them---based on a song she sang in the morning to wake the kids up---she even sang the song or us.

This is Barb's pumpkin pillow---I talked her into doing a hooked braided border on the pillow---she came so close to is really going to make a great pillow!

Another pillow was being hooked by Kay---a beautiful scallop.

This is the last photo for this post---this is Diana's rug called Joanne's Quilt a Moshimer pattern.  She was doing a great job--be sure to click on the photo to make it larger to see the great details.

Dinner is almost ready...more later.


  1. Beautiful and fun pieces. I love the "braided" hooked border!

  2. Really nice rugs - all of them! The braided border on Barb's pumpkin pillow looks fantastic.

  3. Those are some fab rugs! Really loving the poppy! I think I know that song too!

  4. All of the rugs are beautiful... but my attention really goes to the Ben Lion one... I've seen folks hook children's drawings before... but the uniqueness of having the pic to the right, the signature to the left and then filled with complimentary geometrics? Well, that just makes this rug outstanding! Love it! I hope she shares pics of the finished piece with you, so you can then share it with us! :-)