Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early Sunday Morning

I arrived at the hotel in time to catch the Butler/VCU game---didn't want to get back in the car so I ordered delivery from Donato's ( pizza and salad ) and worked on trying to finish my rug while I watched the game.  I only made it through half of the Kentucky/UConn game.  Congrats to Butler and UConn---I'm still a Jayhawk fan but it is what it is.

   I have about 30 inches left of sewing on the wool binding, then I have to go around and tack the inside down all the way around, but that part goes pretty fast.  When I was carrying the rug in the elevator a lady in the elevator was quite taken with the rug.  Who knows---maybe she will become a future rug hooker!

I'll be in the road soon---I'm thinking about a stop at Trader Joe's---I think I passed one last year on my way there.

I was right---it didn't all fit but thanks to Jane the rest will arrive in Iowa next weekend in time for the Iowa workshop.  Thanks Jane!!!

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  1. Oh Traders Joes is certainly worht a stop...Can't wait until we are back in an area that has one!!! Drive safely