Saturday, April 23, 2011

This week in review

Well here it is early Saturday morning.  This has been a catch up week of sorts---paperwork, dyeing, organizing, cleaning, etc.  I finished color planning the Crazy Horse Runner for Judi---wish I had taken a picture.  I had visitor from Oregon who had fun shopping for wool.  I taught a class at the shop in Greenwood and straightened up my wool and also put in some new things that I had gotten from my sister in Texas.  There is still more in the garage and hope to get to the rest of it before the antique show in Greenwood at the end of May.  I am hoping for some sunshine today...none yet.

I have classes at home this week so it will be good to see everyone...with my traveling schedule I haven't had as many as I normally do.  I leave in two weeks to go to Wisconsin to do two workshops.  The first one is in Waupaca and the second is for the Cream City group in the Milwaukee area.  The Waupaca area had 8 inches of fresh snow this week---make it go away!  I am looking forward to both of these workshops.  I will get to visit my friend Janet in Iowa both coming and going.  She is working on a great rug...Here is a picture of it that I took a few weeks ago.

It is called Blooms and Berries by Lynn Rudeger.  She is planning on doing the corners differently---without the bee so we discussed several possibilities so I'll get to see what the outcome is while I am there.

Next weekend our guild is hosting a retreat at The Barn in Valley Falls KS---a small group is attending but it promises to be fun.  We are planning a Royal wedding watch---complete with our tea cups and saucer---considering it will be so early in the morning mine is going to have coffee in it to wake me up.

I plan to start a new small rug---actually it is my design but I have never hooked it.  It is called Paisley Boteh and is a Primco House of Price Pattern.  I am hooking it as a student piece for Kate so it will be good to work on it while she is there to make sure that I am a good student.

This is the pattern---this one was started by a student in Arizona.

Well, I think that it is time to get I hope everyone has a great Easter with family and friends.  After mass tomorrow I am going to Topeka to meet my daughter from Manhattan for a late lunch, early dinner.


  1. Hi Anita. I think the wedding is on Friday morning - before we get to the Barn! I'm sure there will be re-runs to watch, but all along I thought it would be on Saturday. See ya Wednesday.

  2. Oh you are right Amy---what was I thinking? Guess I'll have to get up early Friday morning and watch it by myself---maybe Fred will watch it with me because I know my husband will be sound asleep.