Sunday, April 17, 2011

last photos from Iowa

Today has been a good day---I got in a run,  I got a pedicure, had a wonderful dinner and am planning to work hard tomorrow.  It was good to have a day of rest.

here are the rest of the photos of Iowa projects...

I can't take any credit for this piece that Joanne was working on---It is a vision in her head and she was not working from a photograph---just a vision---WOW!

This is Mary's Symphony in Red---yes the backing is rd burlap---I love red!

This is Elsie's Jumbo Star a Lib Callaway pattern---one of my favorite patterns.   Elsie is off to a great start.  She was the organizer of this workshop and did a great very talented hooker!

I am missing my daughters---I will get tot see Sarah next Sunday for Easter dinner...hoping to seeing Chelsea sometime soon...might have to make a trip to Oakland Ca one of these days...I've been a bit emotional today thinking about them.  Love you both!!!!

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