Friday, April 15, 2011

More from Ohio Rug Camp

I thought I would try to get the rest of the Ohio rugs posted tonite so that I can start the Iowa pictures.

So, moving on around the room brings us to the "Judy" table.

Here are their  rugs---

This is Judy's rug designed by a friend in Ohio and based on her grandmother's paisley.  I am anxious to see how this one comes out.

another Judy's,  Posy Basket, a Port Primitive pattern.  What a great pattern!

Phyllis was tackling a large floral runner---about 8 feet long called Field of Flowers---some great large flowers.

Sally was working on one of my Paisley designs called Paisley on Paisley---it is always fun to see different color plans for this pattern---I love teaching this patterns and having the students add the details to the motifs.  You will see  more paisley patterns in the Iowa workshop pictures.

Here is Evelyn's Kitty chairpad---a Red Saltbox pattern with a changed head to look like her kitty.  Purrrr!

This is half of Noreen's eagle pattern callled Liberty from Spruce Ridge---love this pattern!

and last but not least, Jean worked on two patterns of her own designs called her '"freedom series"---

Thanks for a great week---looking forward to seeing these rugs finished!


  1. All the rugs are so inspiring! Thanks for updating tonight! Lots of eye candy!

  2. those are some beautiful big rugs. thanks for showing them.

  3. Is that chartreuse green and pink that I see in Judy's rug? Me likey!