Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wet and cold in Kansas

Well here it is early Saturday morning---even the joy of sleeping in my own bed last night still didn't get me  all the sleep I wanted so I am up enjoying my cup of coffee while my husband and dog sleep in and snore...something I didn't miss while I was gone since I don't hear myself snore.

Speaking of  Fred---here he is with his summer cut---not sure that I like it.  I keep wondering if he knows he looks different.

This is Fred before---lots more hair!

Okay, time to get a coffee refill and then post Iowa pictures before I start working.  Lots of wool to put away.

Sorry, changed my'll have to check back for the Iowa pictures.  I decided I needed to write some e-mails regarding my two Wisconsin workshops first.

Have a great day!



  1. I think Fred looks cute either way, and yes, I do think they know they look different :)

  2. I still love you, Fred, and you are ready
    for summer and the lake!!