Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

I got up early---only because I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so have been watching the wedding and hooking.

I am getting ready for a hooking retreat weekend at The Barn in Valley Falls KS---have packed my hat and gloves and my teacup...we will hook and I'm sure watch some more TV coverage of the wedding.  The sun is shining so it should be a great day.

It brought back memories of my wedding day---without all the pomp and circumstance but  still a meaningful day over 40 years ago---I was an almost 21 year old ( sounds better than 20) innocent with no real idea of what my life would become.  I made my own wedding dress and I think the whole wedding, reception in the church basement with cake and mints and some spiked punch cost less than $1000.  I think I heard an estimate for the Royal wedding was something like 23 million.  I wish for them a long and happy marriage.

No time for pictures but will try to post from The Barn.


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