Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Barn, packing for Wisconsin and more

Well I thought about posting more picture from The Barn but Amy did such a great jog that I decided it would be better for you just to go to her link.  Here it is:  Great job, Amy!

I have been getting ready to leave for Wisconsin on Sunday.  The bags are packed, well mostly.  I did dye a bit more wool yesterday afternoon that needs to be packed---got some good stuff.

Yesterday I also went to the dentist---not my favorite thing to do.  I got my final crown from an implant that was started in December...yeah!  It was dampened by also having a new crown prepped because the old one broke.  Now you know where my money went this month.

I am running in a race on Saturday, the Heart and Sole race benefitting Special Olympics.  This will be my first 5K since I hurt my knee.  I am excited to be doing it!  It is supposed to be a relatively flat course so that should help.   I have also signed up for Hospital Hill in June---it is not flat!

Well I can't do a post without at least one picture so here it is:

I took this picture at the rug show in Ohio.  It was hooked by Madonna.  I love looking at it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...looks like some warm weather for a change.

Happy Mother's day!


  1. Love that rug and wish I could get off my butt and run something even to the mailbox.

  2. I understand about the crown ~ am in the middle of that now ~ all I can say is 'Cha-Ching'!! Safe travel to you!

  3. Wow that rug is amazing. It took a few seconds for the roosters to "sink in" to my brain. I love the way she hooked it. Have a great trip to Wisconsin!

  4. I'm with Amy - when I first looked at the rug picture you shared I saw flowers - then it finally sunk in that they were roosters! Very cool rug!

  5. Great rug! The roosters are fantastic. Good luck with your races.