Friday, May 20, 2011

Storming at the lake

We came to the lake yesterday to set up our fifth wheel trailer on our lake spot.  We got here just as the rain quit---so we got to set up with some sunshine.  We had some minor problems but all is well---our electric meter is still not working on 50 amp, only 30 but since we don't need air conditioning it is not a problem.  It has been raining hard for several hours today.  Here is a picture that I took early this morning before it clouded over.

I have been hooking today on Paisley Hex---however I forgot to bring my cutter---had some wool cut and have had to do some hand cutting.  No problem---it reminds me of my favorite quote from "Choice Hooked Rugs" by Stella Hay Rex..."you need some of the irregularity that  comes only from hand cutting, that slight lack of perfect coordination between the hand and eye resulting in uneven strips contributes to the texture in a rug.  To be told of a handcrafted product, it looks as perfect as if it had been made by a machine is scarcely complementary.

Here is where I am on the piece.  Photo is not very good as I took it with my phone because I don't have the cord to download from my camera.

Here are a few more photos from Wisconsin.

Here is Hazel's Santa's Helpers from Ewe and I.  Santa has some  might big boots---she decided to make them a bit smaller and fill in with more reindeer on the left.

Rosann was tackling a new Edyth O'neill pattern with Jonah and the whale---the paisley shapes will be done in off-whites, blue-greens, pinks, purples to resemble waves and shells.  This is a very big rug!

Carol designed this rug herself to be a companion to a larger rug she is hooking.  The border went through several color changes before settling on this one---it will be a tablepiece.

Here is Margaret's Thistle Penny Rug, by Red Barn Rugs, a great little primitive floral.

Okay...back to hooking.


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