Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another day in the dye pots---and missing a rug

I have looked high and low in my house and I cannot find my "Comstock" rug---where could have have put it?  I've tried praying to St Anthony and no luck yet...I really need it as I have three students doing the pattern in June and more in August.  I don't think I took it to Wisconsin and can't remember if I took it to is hiding somewhere...I've checked in all the closets and trunks...think  Anita, think....

Had more fun in the dye pots today but it sure is hot and muggy!


  1. I hope your rug turns up soon!! Try setting your sub-conscious tonight before you go to sleep. I love dyeing wool too! There's just something about the whole magic process of turning blah wool into something so rich!

  2. I hate when I misplace something. You and courtney are making me want to get in the dye pot.

  3. Is that the rug you sent to the magazine?

  4. No, it is the one in /Cynthia's book. I just can't figure it out...I've looked everywhere.