Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Virginia has great Peanuts!  We stopped at several places on the way to Virginia Beach to do some tasting...and buying.  Here I am at one of the shops.

The rug on the left is a rug  Linda, one of my students from last year brought back for the rug show.  It is a pattern designed by Susan Fellers designed and lengthened for Linda's table.  I love it when finished rugs come back for the rug show.

This was a sensational rug, forgive me for not giving credit to the artist.  I know it was hooked by a student in Diane Stoffel's class---be sure and click on the picture to see more detail---phenomenal!!!  

Georgia hooked this dimensional pumpkin from her scraps---isn't this a fun one!

Kathie Meyers is selling a book with a braiding technique for adding braiding around hooked rugs---got the book but haven't studied it yet, but here is a sample done with her technique on one of my cupboard patterns---also check out the way the background it hooked to maintain the plaid effect---WOW!

When I get home I will get the book out and give you the info on ordering her book---still is somewhere in my stuff to be unpacked when I get home.

A Pris Butler rug---you can tell that Pris is a talented painter---this is one to be studied carefully!

Okay that's it for today---have a great day.  It is going to be a hot one today.

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  1. Oh I just can't believe those pieces so wonderful. and the big peanut do I see a rug pattern coming?