Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great trip so far---New Orleans tomorrow!

I left Kansas City on Monday---have enjoyed my trip so far and am looking forward to the wedding in New Orleans.  I have an morning flight---staying near the airport in Charlotte.  I dropped off all my stuff at the workshop in Caraway and am hoping to be back by 1 o'clock on Sunday to set up...thankfully I was able to put everything in the room I will be teaching in.

I am looking forward to the workshop.  I had forgotten how beautiful the setting was---love the mountains and tall trees---such a beautiful drive in.  I was able to go to the IKEA shop in Charlotte this afternoon and got some new bags for my wool--my current ones have seen better days---I have patched them up so many times but I think it is time to replace them..I almost got lost in the store---it is huge!!!

I have settled in for the night and am watching that show!  I have finished one audiobook and plan to start another one tomorrow.

I took this picture of a hooked rug in an antique mall that I stopped in on the way---happy little cats!!!

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