Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from Virginia Beach

We had a nice lunch on the waterfront, did a quick walk on the beach and dipped into the water---Doug and I were the only ones who went into the water.  The water felt quite cool.  As we were leaving we had a burst of rain, but thankfully didn't last too long.

We are back in Chesterfield so I think I'll try to post some pictures from Caraway.

Here are some class projects.

Here are three versions of Comstock that were being hooked, two in colors resembling the original from 1810.

Georgia was hooking this piece for her nephew's wedding---last name of Shelton.  What a lucky bride and groom!

Jennie made great progress on her Hidden in the Garden rug---she did a great job of balancing her colors.

Nancy was working on a Lib Callaway pattern called Jumbo Star---it is a great pattern for a workshop because you can work on one-fourth of the rug and get your color plan.

Linda was working on Aunt Tillie's Garden a Woolley Fox Pattern.  It is a little difficult to see the light colors but it is going to turn out great---esp. love the leaf on the end with the blue spots.

Nancy came with the background already hooked so she was able to concentrate on the flowers and leaves.  The pattern is called Rose of Sharon by New Earth Designs.  What a great rug!

 Here is Ginny's Santa---sorry, I am drawing a blank on the designer.  It is a great design and she did a great job on the face.  Hope you are feeling better Ginny---she had to leave a bit early on the last day due to not feeling well.

Deste was doing a great job with this M Shaw pattern---we added he tongues.  What a great basket!

Sheri was working on my Paisley on Paisley.  She is almost halfway there!  It is going to have a dark teal border...great rug!

Dayne, one of my last minute students who was going to be in Jane Halliwell's class was a delight as she was working on her own design with sunflowers...she was doing a great job---be sure and do a close-up on the lupines.

Sorry this pattern is sideways---this is a fraktur that Shirley designed in a class with Susan Fellers---she wanted to change the colors she had started with so we unhooked some wool and started over.  It is going to be a great rug---check out the colorful bird by clicking on the picture.

Vicki was working on Edyth O'Neill's Cape Ann---a fun rug to hook---love the big flowers.

Fred and Nancy hooked this Primitive Grace pattern---can't wait to see this one finished!

As you can see I had a very talented group in my class.  

Thanks for a great week.  Tomorrow I will post some completed rugs from the rug show.


  1. Looks like you have them all off to a great start!

  2. That sure is a lot of talent! Difficult to pick a favorite as they are all so very nice!