Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday at the Lake

 We are having quite a storm tonite---the trailer is rocking!  Nice timing though---we had just finished cooking dinner outside on the grill and we were just eating and the sky turned dark---had just enough time to go out and put the awning up and put things away.

There's nothing like a Kansas thunderstorm!!!

Here are some pictures from earlier in the day.

Yes I am a hooker---of fish and of rugs!  This one had to go back---not big enough to keep.

Here is the captain and his first mate---Doug and Fred.

Okay I'll post a few more picture from Libertyville and then I am going to hook on Cape Ann and watch  TV.

This is Liz's rug "House on a Hill" from Primitive Grace---it is a big one.

tis is Elvie's Bountiful Bunny---Liz's mother...what a fun pattern for someone who like vegetables!!!

Okay that's it for tonite---the storm seems to have died down a bit.

Tomorrow it is back back home---after a fun couple of days!


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