Friday, July 23, 2010

Day is done

It was a great day---had a lot of fun on the jet skis today---not so much fun trying to catch fish.  The white bass that we like to catch are non-existent---they were killed off by a parasite---they say it happens about every ten years and this is the year. '
Yesterday on the way to the lake I started my mini class project for the Green Lake Rug Camp and finished it this morning.  Here it is---edges folded under---will bind it when I get home.

This will fit into one of the Cupboard frames.  The petals are prodded and the stem is a chain stitch.

It was a HOT day---the water felt ;like bath water.

Here is the lake in front of our trailer---our home away from home.


This is my husband Doug and my dog Fred.  


Pretty as a picture---that's all folks---time to go eat ice cream!

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  1. What a gorgeous rug and an absolutely gorgeous lake front area to enjoy on hot summer days! Wow! Wish I could pull up my adirondack chair and sit there until the snow falls! LOL! ;-)