Monday, July 19, 2010

Home from Illinois

Well, I am home from the Libertyville workshop and and I don't know about you but this heat is getting to me.  I woke up this morning and there is so much humidity the windows are all covered in moisture, even the ones that don't have broken seals!

I had a whirlwind weekend as on Saturday night we hosted our MT Nesters monthly get together at our house with a wine tasting party---fun!  Sunday we went to some friends house and had a sushi party...I've been wanting to learn to make sushi for some time so this was fun too...but after weekend of wine and cheese and sushi parties I think I need to go on a serious diet.  I was hoping to run this morning but I can't handle running in this heat so maybe a trip to the gym will be in order for later today.

Kate is coming over this morning to help me get things back in order in the studio and get things ready to take out to Greenwood so my booth is ready for the week that the gals come into town for the Primitives of the Midwest, which starts on July 28th.  A lot of them come to shop in Greenwood.

My next workshop is in Eureka Springs AR in August so I've got to get a move on.

September brings Shake Rag Alley and  Green Lake in Wisconsin.  I've already been working on these two workshops and busy contacting the students.  If any of you are reading this blog---hello and welcome to my class.  I am looking forward to working with you.

Also while I was gone we had some landscaping done in the front yard---what we had was overgrown---I would have been a good candidate for "no curb appeal"---while I love gardens I do not have a green thumb or any desire to do the work.  Here is a picture of the outcome.

This is the right side and the next is the left side.  The only thing we kept was the spruce.

I'll post a couple of pictures of the Loopy ladies and the Foxy ladies and then it is off to work.

These are Carol's ladybugs---we added the leaf shapes in the background.

Diane and Barbara hooked pumpkins into wool from a dip-dyed wool with paisley .  This is Diane's which she is going to make into a bag.

That's all for today!  


  1. That lady bug rug is cute now... but going to be gorgeous when finished!!!! Love it! Great idea! Great curb appeal too! LOL! I just can't get enough of that show... especially when they do the whole block! I'd love to get that crew over here... we're suffering from 4 ft. tall box hedges that have been here since we moved in 13 years ago! LOL!

  2. Your landscaping work looks great. I am just about "done" with the humidity also - its been desperately hot and humid here for too long. But I just keep thinking about January snow storms so I am trying to be quiet! lol