Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More from Libertyville

Good Morning!  Yesterday was spent sorting and pricing wool to get ready for the shop in Greenwood, the workshop in Eureka Springs  and my shelves for my home classes next week.  I have another full morning of work to do before I get to go get a much needed haircut and color---I used to color my own hair but I have discovered that I am much better dyeing wool than I am my hair.

New wool arrived and I can't wait for a few days in the dye pot.  We are going to go to the lake for a couple of days this week.  I know it will be hot but I do plan to get some hooking done---hopefully hook some fish also.  I want to hook my mini class project for the Green Lake Camp in Sept. and also work on Cape Ann, my current project for my bathroom.

Okay, now for some pictures and then I must get to work.

 this is Karen's geometric, based on an inch mat---this is a small section of what will be a very long runner....definitely a challenge which she is meeting well.

this is Mary's geometric based on a needlepoint design for a black piano stool cover

this is a piece designed by Betty for her DIL--- the vine around the border is going to be done in a chain stitch with prodded flowers and their name at the bottom

Keep cool and happy hooking!


  1. Yummy rugs!!! Is that top one a commercial design or did she just draw it?

  2. She drew it---based on one inch squares---booklet available from Fish Eye Rugs---Jen Manuell---Amazing Matrix