Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday---dye day!

I spent the day in the dye pots today with Kate---did lots of long and lovelies---they are in the washer and dryer.

I just had an interesting thing happen this afternoon.  We have had a group of three boys who have been cutting through our yard on their way home from school and lately have been knocking on our front window which sets my dog Fred to barking up a storm---they must think it was fun---not anymore.  I was waiting for them today, with my hand on the door knob and they knocked and the door flew open and I was after them---they didn't know I could run so fast.  I did lose them when they divided but one of them ran in his house and mom wanted to know why---he had fallen and lost his Ipod.  She and her daughter were out looking for the ipod.  They asked me if I had been chasing the three boys---so I explained the whole thing,  One of them was her son and two of his friends.  I showed her where we had run through yards and we found the ipod. She came back to my house with the three boys to apologize and made them promise to not cut through our yard anymore.  I think they were quite surprised that I could run.  She said one of them was about ready to "puke" from running so fast.  Yeah---I didn't know I could run that fast either----my lungs were hurting too!

Tomorrow is out State Line Rug Hookers Meeting.  Everyone is supposed to bring Holiday rugs to share and something to eat.  I haven't been able to go to many meeting lately so I am looking forward to going.

Open studio day on Monday and then the Holiday Party on Wednesday---I am really excited about it.

Happy Hooking!

Yeah---my rugs came home today from Early American Life magazine.  I am glad they are back home and am looking forward to seeing the February issue.


  1. LOL - Sounds like you taught those boys something! HOpe you take lots of great pictures at the Open Studio and the Holiday party - we can never have too much eye candy!

  2. Good for you!! Young people need to be accountable ~ it's great that the mother made them come back!! You taught a life lesson today!!

  3. You go girl!! I did the same thing a few years ago to some boys who were going through our yards, tearing lawn bags apart, leaves everywhere. I chased them to their house and talked to their parents and they never did it again!

  4. Run, Forrest (Anita), Run! Glad you solved that little problem.

  5. thanks for the comments---I still chuckle every time I think about it...what fun it was!!!!