Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, Christmas Week

I meant to get more pictures posted but on Thursday I started feeling crummy and have been laying low since Thursday night.  I'm not very good at diagnosing, but I haven't had a temperature, so I decided to just do ibuprofin and nasal washes with lots of laying around.  I am ready for this to be over---missing two parties---last night and today but don't want to push because I am so looking forward to my daughter coming home from California so I plan to take it easy again today.  I did get some reorganizing done in my kitchen---the kids are going to prepare a dinner for us for our 40th wedding anniversary (January 2nd).  It is hard to believe that I am going to be married for 40 years---twice as many as I was single---yeah I know the math---that makes me 60.

With the really cold weather that we have had and being sick I haven't been able to run for a week now---makes me grumpy!

Well, i'll post a couple of pictures and then I am going to go lay down and watch the Chiefs.

This is Amy's Santa rug---love the spirals in the sky.

This is Carol's oriental--she changed the center of the original pattern.

Have a great week!

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  1. Feel better Anita! I've had some kind of sinus thing going on last night and today. I'm trying to ignore it, but I might be losing the battle! The party was fun and thanks so much for posting pictures (I forgot my camera this year!). I love my Santa rug!