Sunday, January 9, 2011

Checking in again

Well we are now settled in our home away from home.   This morning around four thirty it rained, hailed and the wind blew hard.  I haven't looked at the outside of the truck and the trailer yet---I wouldn't be surprised if things were dented.  Last night I got to see my sister---we had some great seafood---shrimp, oysters, soft shell crab---yummy.    I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and thinking about going for a run.

I have my hooking unpacked and hope to get hooking soon.

Here are a few pictures from our trip here.


This was taken in Victoria Tx where we spent one night.

This is our spot in Rockport.  right now there is an empty spot on one side of us and I'm hoping it stays that way!

This is the bay area across the road in front of us.  It was really windy yesterday when I took these pictures.

Well time to get busy---have a great day.

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