Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday in Rockport

It is cold this morning---30 degrees but it sure feels colder!  The weatherman says it feels like 24.  At least there is no snow so I am not complaining.  I tried crabbing yesterday with no luck and no more flounders either.  It was too windy and the waves made it difficult.  I might try again today.  I did eat the flounder last night with some snapper and shrimp---not much flesh on the flounder but was there was sure tasty.

I didn't get any hooking done yesterday so nothing new to post on my rug.

I did run yesterday but my left knee is still bothering me a I think I'll lay off of it today---maybe just a long walk if it gets warmer this afternoon.

Wow---this is really a boring post!  I need some excitement---I spent an hour reorganizing cupboards in the small quarters I am finding a need to keep things really organized or I go crazy!

Here is a photo of a runner that a student sent me from a class in Mineral Point last year.  Thanks Sheree!  I love to get finished pictures from students.  This is a pattern from Karen Kahle.

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  1. Ah..trying to keep all of my stuff organized in the 5th wheel on a fulltime basis gets hard. But everything has a place and that helps.