Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yeah, sunshine!

Well the weather has improved---we actually had sunshine yesterday.  We went to a Beach park in Rockport ---not warm enough to do anything but walk, run and watch the birds.

We decided to take another drive over to Port Aransas so we took the ferry again.   We saw alot of dolphins this time.  Here is a picture taken on the ferry.

Today I think that we are going to try our hands at fishing, either from the pier or from the shore---perhaps doing some wading---can't believe that I left my waders in Kansas.  I guess we'll see what we can get at Walmart.  Last night we grilled some grouper---I haven't tired of fish yet.

Here is my progress on my rug---making good progress!

I have been contacting my students for the Ohio Rug Camp in April---so if any of you are reading this---I am getting excited about kicking off my teaching for 2011 in April after my little sabatical.  

I miss my home students---hi everyone---keep hooking and I'll see you at the Lenexa Hook-in---still haven't decided if we will be home to stay or if I'll be flying home for the hook-in.  

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