Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday---going fishing again

No luck fishing yesterday but we had a good time.

 So this is where we went fishing---the local seafoods market.  We got snapper and shrimp---had some fresh oysters still in the fridge so we made Seafood Puttanesca---OH YUM---have enough leftover for another meal tonight.

We went to the Maritime Museum yesterday as well---very educational and interesting.

I've been working on my rug some is an update.  There is still a long ways to go.


This morning I went wade fishing---didn't catch anything but my legs sure got cold.

Here I am in my gear.

Whoa!  This is embarrassing--These are plastic waders in a size large over all my clothes.  It was really fun---Fred, my dog loved the beach---he had to get his legs bathed when we got back-but he had a great time.

  These are Spoonbills---there are an incredible variety of birds here.

The KU Jayhawks play at 3 today so I guess I'll watch the game and hook.


  1. I LOVE the pic of you in your wade gear!!! Just too dang funny! :-) I'm really jealous of all that fresh seafood you are enjoying.... no fresh markets where I live... and I LOVE seafood! Great progress on the rug too!

  2. Anita! Those waders are a good look for you! ha ha But what about your feet? Rug is gorgeous...

  3. Hi Anita,
    It's fun to keep up with your posts. I agree with Amy, those waders are a good?look for you. You're making great progress on that rug! I got distracted with a puzzle from Xmas; finally got it done yesterday.

  4. Cute outfit Anita!!! Just love the sylish pants. And they fit you so well.

    Thanks for the good laugh on a cold winter's day in Virginia.