Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday night in Rockport

I love oysters!  I am trying to eat my fill of them while I am here---tonite I invented a pasta recipe using oysters with bow tie pasta---made a healthly cream sauce using milk and flour thickened oyster juice---yum!  I used one strip of peppered bacon, green onions, garlic, a tomato, some creole seasoning with some fresh parmesan cheese grated on top....I think I'll call it Oyster Casino Pasta.

This morning we went to the Aransas Wildlife refuge---did not see the whooping cranes so I guess we'll have to take the boat trip out to see them on another sunny day.  But check this fella out...

it was a beautiful day at the refuge---here I am enjoying the day.

I was asked about my paisley pincushions---here is what the finished product looks like.

Tomorrow we are going to Corpus Christi to shoot trap and skeet with my brother in law and go to dinner with my sister---Doug is also doing some computer work for her at her shop.

Okay time to ice the knee...nite!

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  1. Love those paisley pin cushions!!! You can keep that gator though! lol! ;-)