Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa is done and framed

This is a Santa that I started several years ago in a class taught by Kathy Kovaric at South Central Teacher's workshop.  Like many of the projects it got put on the back burner but this one I had intentions of finishing.  I was going to make it into a dummy board but decided to hook the background and frame it instead.  I ordered the frame 18 by 24 on Ebay and was very pleased with the quality and the promptness of delivery---picturesmoreebay.  They have a larger variety in many sizes.  I purchased foam core and cut it to fit, then using dressmaker stainless steel pins I pinned the piece into the foam core about every 1/2 inch.  I mitered the corners on the back by sewing them and then laced side to side and top to bottom to stretch and hold the excess fabric in place.  Using the metal clips provided in the frame i secured the piece inside the frame covered it with the cardboard that came with the frame then cut a piece of kraft paper to fit the entire back and glued it in place.  It was really quite easy, took some time but doesn't everything.

Here is the finished piece.

This picture was taken outside and the next picture was taken inside.

The pinecone tassels were an ornament that I purchased many years ago that I thought looked great on the  piece.  I had removed the staff and the toys in the bag from the pattern, as well as a pocket on the cape that I had found distracting.

Another beautiful day in Kansas.