Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More from Ohio

Okay I am ready to post more pictures from the Bass Lake workshop---I am still in the recuperating mode---have gotten all most all of the orders done from the last two workshops except for some dye jobs which I hope to work on tomorrow.  We are planning a trip to our lake this weekend for a couple of days.  The weather here is just perfect.  I am sitting out on my deck writing  this---a beautiful evening.

Kathy was hooking a floral pattern that was designed by Donna Bennett, another student in the in the class who had a shop in the area.  I especially love her terra cotta pot.

Here is Donna's version off the same pattern. It will fun to see them both finished.  The border has many possibilities to tie it all together.

Kathy designed this pattern from an early carved trunk from 1690---it was offered on ebay but didn't meet it's reserve but it should was a great inspiration for a fraktur like pattern.  Great job Kathy---love it!

Kaye was hooking Old Kinderhook basket---a wonderful old looking basket.  This pattern is in my someday to do pattern.


Laurel was a hand cut and tear hooker who has the most wonderful, high lush loops to her  hooking---the kind you just want to our your bare feet on---and I did!  Great job Laurel!

Okay that  is it for tonight---the rest tomorrow!



  1. such pretty rugs I am not sure my wrist could take the hand torn.

  2. Pretty, pretty rugs. Thanks for sharing!