Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wrapping up Nebraska workshop

Well here it is---already midweek. Where does the time go?

Here are some more pictures from Nebraska.

This is a pattern called Nest in the Pines from Red Barn Rugs in Wisconsin.  As you can see in the photo, the pinecones were given more detail, and if you look closely (click on the photo to make it larger) you will see that Dennie is chaining the vine on the branch---an overall fun pattern to work on.

Jane chose a Cabin Creek pattern called "Nutty for nuts"---lots of fun leaves and acorns!  And what a cute squirrel with his bushy tail!

We have a storm going on outside---good thing I had planned to stay inside and dye wool today!  It is thundering and lightening outside!

Jan chose this Coxcomb square pattern from Woolley Fox, but the birds in the corners are going away and flowers will go in their place---it will be a partial flower like the one in the center.  Since Jan was working on the workshop she didn't get as far, but she was a busy girl helping everyone!

Many finished rugs were brought in during the week and unfortunately I didn't get pictures but here is one I did get---Dennie hooked this in a class with Mary Jo---I love the expression on this cow's face and that is some good looking corn!

This is a Turkey pattern that Black sheep Designs adapted from an antique rug---the rug was advertised for sale in an auction in the Maine Antique Digest in 2010---I sure wish that I knew how much the rug sold for.  I helped Judy color plan this pattern but she was so busy cooking and taking care of everyone that she will wait to hook it when the rush is over---I have no doubt that is will turn out great.  I had brought a turkey picture with me that I love the colors so we worked from it---can't wait to see how it turns out.

Well that about does it other than a couple of pictures that I took around the barn...many thanks for a great workshop---see you again next year!

  this barn was filled with treasures---including my wonderful cupboard

This piece with all the drawers also wanted to go home with me but the cupboard won out and this delightful cubby below was pulling at me as well!

The end!

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