Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time flies---wrapping up Bass Lake

We left on Thursday to go to our trailer at Pomme de Terre and the people we are able to get our internet connection from had already moved out for the winter, so I could not finish  my postings.  It was windy but it was I really enjoyed my time at the lake.  It is beautiful there in the fall.  We will probably only get there one more time before we have to put the trailer in storage mode...sad!

Before I finish up with Bass lake there is a correction to a posting that I would like to make.  I mistakenly gave credit for a photo a while back.  Here is is again for your enjoyment.  It was hooked by Diane LeGros not Carol---thanks Diane!

I still can't get this photo turned---it is rotated in my i photo library but when I not when I go to the upload photo---oh well.  Sorry!

Okay, here are some more photos of projects from Bass Lake.

Gail did a grew job on this pot with flowers---many changes were made to this pattern---she persevered through it and it is turning out great---teal was a popular color though out the week---anyone else notice that teal is becoming the "in color"?

Judi was hooking "Meditation" a Kate Porter pattern---lovely pattern and I really like the way this is coming together---love the teal again and the red inside background looks great.  The outside background is a dark plaid---lumber jack---brown/dark green plaid and the teal and green will repeat in the motif in the four corners.

Donna was hooking this Barb Carroll runner, with some changes made to the design.  Teal again-and I love the old rose in the upper corner---We changed the design in the heart to incorporate her initials and changed the arrow to another bud.  Great job!

Jane was hooking this Wendy Miller Fraktur pattern---yes teal again!  Lovely large flowers and it will have a dark background.  Be sure and click on the photo to see the flowers in more detail---this is a big rug!

Denise chose another Kate Porter pattern called "In Season" lots of wide cut fruit in a latticed basket.  For the basket she was using a striped wool cut with and across the stripe-it was working well but I think she is going to make the insets lighter to show the weave better---it was a fun and challenging piece with lots of variety---great job!

Linda was working on Pineapple Antique and although she didn't get very far we did lots of talking and planning---her pineapple looks good enough to eat!  Linda likes mixing a lot of different textures and I know that this is going to be spectacular!

Okay, I think that is it!  Again thanks to Kathy and Kathy for sponsoring this workshop---it was wonderful and I wish I was still there.  Unfortunately I am back home today facing the reality of unpacking six big boxes of wool and putting the studio back together for classes tomorrow.

I am going to play a unit this morning before working---I am going to go do a morning run on the Plaza and meet up with a friend after her yoga class and my run to walk and maybe have brunch afterwards---girl time!  Doug is going to the Nascar races with a buddy today---boy time!

This week I will also be getting ready for a workshop in Nebraska---looking forward to another great workshop.  After that I have South Central Teacher's workshop and then will be done for the year except for home classes.  At workshop this year I will be teaching a piece on skies---as well as a dye class.  I got a great book on Amazon called Artist's Photo Reference---Water & Skies---also am waiting on two more books that I ordered for the class.  A good motto---be prepared!

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